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  • Behind the warehouse was an open field surrounded by trees. My lady speaks out of general honest thought, and common concern for her daughter's reputation and well-being, he said.
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    He must introduce it slowly to give her time to adjust. To her observance, poor Theydon Hall needed to be razed and built anew.
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  • She had not seen Margaret Houghton since she had been thirteen years old; she could not have picked the young woman out of a crowd, but she accepted Margaret's proffered embrace like they were old and fond friends. He grabbed her trembling hand placing it on his chest, There is no mortal life in this body, Elsa.

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  • She reluctantly admitted to herself several times that Elsa could stop hearts with her beauty.
  • Did she and Aaron date for long? she asked as she sat next to her. She shoved her hands against the mattress and groaned softly as she stood.
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    She did not forget how stunning that man Lucas was.
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    May I speak with my daughter in private for a moment?
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  • She just knew it was dismal inside, nothing like the elegance that Lucas possessed. Can t you hang it back up so it dries?
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    She agreed, not bothering to look back at Charles who d just stay there with his creepy friends. She had kept shooting anxious glances toward the door of her dressing chamber, hoping that at any moment Will would come bursting through to snatch her in his arms and haul her away.
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    The only solace he did have was that he knew Lucas very well and could anticipate certain behaviors from him. He just wants a piece of her because she s never been with anyone.
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