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  • You are marrying Lord Roding--a proper gentleman, an earl's heir, and a suitable husband--whether you wish it, will it, want it, or not! His expression was pained and his voice was as gentle as he could make it.
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    Sanjaal.com is owned and maintained by Sanjaal Corps, Kathmandu, Nepal. We (the company) offer Web Hosting, Domain Registration Services, IT Solutions and Business Analysis Support. The term "Sanjaal" means "Network" in Nepali Language . Products that we have branded with this term (Sanjaal), is a network of hundreds of applications we developed at our development house of Sanjaal Corps. Contact our development team now. Each link below will open in a new window because it is an independent application. Each window has a different theme and layout content base. We know some of the links on this page behave wierd. Please bear with us until we fix underlying features for them.

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  • Emily just never thought that after all the women that Lucas had to choose from, he picked a young student. He felt the tension roll over her as her eyes flashed to gold and then back to brown so fast it could have been a trick of the light.
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  • She waved a finger at him, That is no way to get what you want. He shied from her proffered touch, her comfort and turned around.
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  • Kenley glanced to his right, toward the stoop, taking into quick account the still-smoldering pot of ruined porridge.
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  • It ll be a good chance for you to meet them. He licked a long trail up the side of her neck, and she shivered.
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  • When he came back to me, he said that you laughed and said you d never consider going out with 92 With This Ring, I Thee Dread someone as pathetic as me.
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  • She felt a pang of regret at breaking her agreement, then her brain kicked back in as she remembered his plan had been to get her blood at the full moon.
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    Dayne felt the possessiveness curl around him as he grabbed her hand and moved it back to his backside where she'd been kneading his flesh and practically dry humping him moments before.
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  • She jumped as Mink padded in, weaving her body between Greta's legs.
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  • There is more at risk here than the selfish act of love.
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  • The only time he ever laid his hands on a woman in anger, You dare judge me, when a woman like you manipulates a man into a mental institution.
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